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About Outside In

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous."

– Aristotle


Outside In is a multi-award winning landscape design company based in Perth, WA. Founded by Denise Staffa in 2004, it's now one of the most successful design & construction companies in WA.


Outside In embraces outdoor spaces as the whole composition and offers functional and inspiring landscape solutions. Our vision is to capture natural elements wherever possible; we prefer the use of natural materials to enhance depth and timeless appeal.

We're dedicated to the cohabitation of indoor and outdoor spaces, and we think it's essential that people can connect to nature in his or her everyday environment, so it makes sense that people should make the most of their own garden space. We make this possible by offering innovative ideas to make outdoor living areas as beautiful, comfortable and functional as possible.

At Outside In, we pride ourselves on basic garden design principles, being practical, functional, environmentally sustainable – and inspiring. We use natural materials, combining elements of the environment, surroundings and history - which is garden art at it's best and true to the design of outdoor living.

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Meet Denise Staffa


Denise Staffa

Since beginning her career in landscape design and construction some 20 years ago, Denise Staffa has established herself as a leading landscape design consultant in Western Australia.

Starting many years ago with only a plastic bucket and rake to maintain a garden for friends, she soon discovered a passion – and talent – for designing spaces outdoors. Today, Denise is a multi-award-winning designer renowned for her uncanny ability to transform spaces, through listening thoroughly to her clients, exercising her strong creative flair while maintaining a sense of practicality.

Born and bred in the Kimberley's, Western Australia, Denise has always been attached to the Australian environment with its unique, naturally rugged appeal and rich textures. This was the raw foundation for her love of all that is outdoors and her desire to connect people with nature.

Denise strives to achieve an integration of natural and man-made elements into what already exists while creating function, form, and timeless beauty for all to enjoy.

Technically speaking, Denise's role encompasses more than just one of managing director. She is also the principal Landscape Designer and Project Manager. Her diversity is only made possible by the talented team of landscape designers implementing all of the landscape planning. This allows the time for Denise to actively recourse and research materials for individual works, oversee design issues and assure the quality of all completed landscape design works.