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Landscape Design Process

Finding the right landscaper designer for your outdoor living area can be tough, so we have broken it down into a few easy steps for you!

What to look for in a good garden designer - and understanding how it all works!

Whether you’re renovating or building a new home, investing in a garden design from a professional landscape designer is an excellent investment in your outdoor space. However, it is essential you choose the right professional for your project and be informed on any pitfalls.

Building an outdoor space is like building a home; it cannot be done without a detailed set of landscape plans, and you must be prepared to invest money in getting these prepared. A well thought out garden design will ensure you get it right the first time, potentially saving you money by planning ahead with construction requirements throughout the building and renovation process.

Most importantly, the detailed landscape design will enable you to get an accurate and detailed quote for proposed landscaping works, and acts as a safety net once construction begins, eliminating confusion with contractors.

The success of a great landscape design can add between 10-15% to the overall value of your property – and most certainly enhance your lifestyle, so it’s an investment that will give return and reward.

If you love spending time outside and have particular needs for the outdoor space, your first step is to speak to a professional landscape designer about your garden ideas.

Detailed, Professional Garden Landscape Design by Outside In


Engaging the right Perth landscape designer is crucial for your investment, as with choosing the right builder for your home. It’s a decision you’ll be reminded of every time you step outside.

Open, honest and clear communication plus a feeling of connection with your landscape designer is key. This should result in a great garden design that is perfect for your home, family and lifestyle.

The right landscape designer will listen to your needs and wants; understand the importance of your home – your space and your dream – which is not theirs. They will assist and guide you into establishing these if you are struggling to determine how you may use your outdoor space.

Good landscape designers should have sound knowledge in the following:

  • construction
  • local council codes
  • water corporation sewer line
  • inspection point requirements
  • skill in general site assessments - such as levels and retaining

Consider whether the Perth landscape design company can assist you with the implementation of the garden design with their recommended landscape contractors or offer a landscape project management service. This will ensure quality landscape construction and give you peace of mind moving through to the next phase.

Professional Garden Landscape Design in Perth by Outside In


Planning your outdoor space should begin at the earliest stages of your building or renovation works. Sometimes this happens even before plans have been finalised by your builder or architect, and most definitely before you go purchasing big-ticket items such as a fibreglass swimming pool.

Engaging a professional landscape designer from the beginning will allow them to discuss flow from the inside of your home to your outdoor spaces, such as suggesting a door where a window has been placed. There could be other landscaping ideas that could impact on the building, such as positioning of a swimming pool, pool landscaping, outdoor kitchen, retaining walls and steps. If space is limited, it’s also essential to think about small garden ideas that are functional and practical.

All of your landscaping ideas can then be presented to the builder. This could be implemented throughout the building process or at least considered, as this may save you money once construction begins on your outdoor areas.

It’s always a good idea to try and list your needs and wants for your outdoor space. Gather some inspirational images that are a reflection of your personal style. By thinking in advance, you’ll be able to communicate these thoughts to your landscape designer.

Be realistic about the budget: $10,000 will not accommodate a list of needs that may include retaining walls, planter boxes, quality paving, along with the basic needs of a well-designed outdoor space. Be sceptical if you are told otherwise.

Landscaping and garden design is an investment, so it pays to do your homework.

  • look at the gallery of landscape projects they have completed on their website
  • make a few phone calls and chat to a landscape designer about your project
  • visit their landscape design studio to view their portfolio of garden designs
Garden Landscape Designers Perth: Outside In


Once you’ve decided on a designer and an initial landscape design consultation booking has been made, prior to your consult you should be sent a comprehensive design brief questionnaire, along with a request for site and house plans if you have them. This allows the landscape designer to determine needs and wants for your outdoor space by asking the appropriate questions.

The questionnaire allows the designer to find out a little more about your lifestyle, see any inspirational images you may have, review your budget, and view site and plans prior to the on-site consultation.

A good garden or landscape designer will also spot any potential problems on-site, offer design solutions, discuss possible council requirements and most importantly, look at your budget throughout the landscape design consultation process.

After your consultation, you should feel a sense of direction and have a clear understanding of your outdoor space in terms of theme, style, zones and flow.

The landscape designer will then compile their written design brief based on discussions held on-site. This brief and a quote for the proposed detailed landscape design will then be submitted to you.

The landscape design quote should clearly outline each stage of the design process which will include items such as:

  • further site assessment works,
  • detailed 2D garden design,
  • material and plant schedule,
  • sectional elevation drawings,
  • schematic lighting plan,
  • set out a plan,
  • garden design visuals – possibly consisting of images of all selected plants and overall inspirational images.

Once the detailed landscape design has been completed, costs for proposed construction works can then be submitted by the garden landscape designer. These costs may include project management – or the designer’s recommended tradespeople and contractors. Alternatively, you can choose to engage your tradespeople to submit quotes and implement your garden design.

Construction quotes should be broken up into each phase of works. This will enable the landscape designer and her or his contractors to work with you in manageable stages (if the project cannot be completed in one phase). Sometimes a project cannot be completed all in one go for several reasons, such as conflicting building work or budgetary constraints.

Landscape design: Timber decking with mondo grass