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 Welcome and thank you for taking the time to browse through my creative platform, a space where I can share outdoor designs that I’ve created for my wonderful clients over the many years working in the landscape industry in Perth, Western Australia. 

My holistic design approach embraces the essence of the people who live within the space. It allows me to focus on you as the residential home owner, your personality and lifestyle before delving deep into site specific landscape design solutions for your particular outdoor space. Your contributions will drive me to deliver an aesthetic landscape design that will function and align with your lifestyle and your surrounds. 

Getting to know you and how you live will help me virtually live with you without moving in! With this approach, combined with your contributions and my landscape design and construction expertise the outdoor design I can create for you will truly change the way you live outside. 

I’ll approach every design with a realistic mind, my creations are unchanged by time and most importantly will provide you with magical memories and life-long enjoyment that will stand the test of time as ‘fads’ or short lived ‘trends’ pass by. I’m not wedded to a particular design style I’m a firm believer that every exterior space must always be a reflection of you, your surrounds and how you want to spend your time outside. 

Close bonds and valuable friendships have been formed over the past 20 odd years working with my wonderful clients. I’ve also gathered a niche group of trusted and professional landscape construction installers and registered builders along the way. I always say the real credit goes to my incredible clients who entrust me to create their outdoor space and my recommended installers who make it happen for them! 

I’m blessed and very humbled with the life I now live creating beautiful outdoor spaces it’s definitely something I never thought I would be doing! You can read more about my personal journey by visiting My Story. 


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