frequently asked questions


No, they are excluding GST 

Good question! Every client has different needs and every site has its own challenges. 

My fees start at $7,500 and work up from there.

Once you have sent me your design brief, site + house plans, site photos and inspirational images I’ll provide you a design fee for your project.

I’ll get in touch with you once I receive your initial enquiry

Once we’ve chatted, I’ll ask you to email site + house plans, site photos and up to 10 inspirational images

I’ll then be able to provide you my landscape design fee based on the information you’ve provided.

You’ll receive a Design Agreement outlining T’s & C’s along with an invoice for the 10% deposit to secure your booking

You can apply for these at your local Council, this can often take 2-3 weeks. 

If, for some reason Council do not have a copy of these, please let me know

Oh I get it!! BUT you will ALWAYS be inspired by something. 

Best places to look are Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz or magazines such as Home Beautiful and Adore + more! 

My fees are worked out based on the number of days it will take to develop your design

The design fee also includes 3D modelling + fly through video which it’s outsourced

What I don’t factor in is the amount of ‘thinking’ time I spend on every single design. 

I believe I can and have done so for many clients around Australia and internationally. 

Your eyes will be my eyes, site photos will be crucial to a successful remote design. 

I’ll also need accurate plans to work from. 

General Advice consults are paid in advance to secure your booking.

Landscape Design payments are staggered, 10% deposit to secure your booking, 40% payable one week prior to commencement and 50% payable to view and release design plans.

All payments are made by direct debit, details will be on your invoice.

Credit card facilities are currently not available

I’m unable to secure a spot in my design schedule until the Agreement has been signed and deposit paid 

I will always design with a budget in mind, it must be realistic based on your needs and wants

We will have had an open, honest discussion about your budget during our design consult 

I do not design without them they are an important visual tool to express your outdoor creation. 

Over the past 20 years, industry piers have said THE most detailed Landscape Design plans they have laid eyes on! 

I’m someone who likes detail and most importantly know that my landscape designs will work on the land. 

I strive for perfection which I may never achieve but I try hard to get there! 

Best way to describe these would be ‘front face’ technical drawings for structural elements within the design. 

They include crucial information of heights and levels ie alfresco roof, steps, retaining, daybeds, seating the list goes on. 

The installers refer to these drawings and are used to produce structural detail drawings required for Building approvals

Yes! The allocation of exterior lights will be noted on the feature planting plan

You’ll also receive suggested light fittings, images and supplier details. 

Gosh a lot of thinking time + drawing time and hard work!

If you don’t already know, my planting style is very detailed in terms of foliage, colour, texture and layers.

Due to my detailed style I’ll provide you with two planning plans, one being the feature plants and the other will be general plants 

Each plan will have a plant schedule listing each species, the number queried and suggested pot sizes.

The plans will also include images of every plant used within your design

Many people under-estimate the amount of time that goes into creating a well thought out garden. 

For an average residential block it could take up to four – six weeks

Time frames will also depend on my 3D designers current work schedule.

No problems! We will have the opportunity to chat through design adjustments when viewing the plans

I’ll allow seven days following the design viewing 

Yes absolutely if residing within Perth, Western Australia metro areas

General Advice Consult Service

Availability depends on my current landscape design work-load

It’s a print-out that will visually communicate discussions at our consult.

The mood board will be a well thought out and planned arrangement of images to reflect design suggestions + advice

I’ll often scribble ideas on the site plan, however I do not provide any sketches for this service 

I’ll provide you with a planting palette print out for this service

 Beautiful gardens have always been carefully planned on paper over many hours, it’s what we call ‘design’ 

No, I don’t as my recommended installers will only work from a set of landscape design plans. 

It’s the same as building a home, it’s impossible to do so without a plan! 

I’m always here to help. My fee for additional time is charged in minimum half hour increments and is payable in advance so best gather as many additional questions as possible! 

No, I work very long hours during the week! 

I need to rest my mind and more importantly spend quality time with my partner, family and friends, just like you do! 

It’s easy, say hello by calling Tuesday – Friday 10am -3pm or fill in the contact form and I’ll be in touch! 


I'd love to hear from you!