I offer all landscape construction services from Project Managing the entire install of my landscape design, engaging my preferred contractors and scheduling works, conducting regular site visits, to all the work behind the scenes and more! I am extremely passionate about all my designs and feel very connected to all my clients throughout the design phase. If this is something you would like me to help with, we can chat further once your landscape design has been finalised.

To see a collection of my garden designs, which also included managing the entire project start to finish, click below.


Alternatively, a detailed quote for the landscape construction and installation of your new garden can be arranged by one of my preferred landscaping contractors. I will put you in direct contact with them and of course they will be in contact with me for any queries throughout the quoting phase.

I do work alongside my preferred contractors if you choose this option and supply all the plants, lights, accessories and furniture needed. Furthermore, as the landscape designer, visiting your site throughout the construction phase is vitally important. Contractors can me questions on site, any construction layout issues can be easily resolved, materials and finishes can be confirmed along with an overview of the landscape design translation onto the site. Fees for this service are discussed throughout the landscape design stage.


Stage 3. Landscape Construction & Installation

Stage 1 – Garden Design Consultation

We start the journey with an Initial Landscape Design Consultation. This is done on-site if residing in Perth, or over plans via Skype or phone if inter-state or international. Once a booking has been made I will email you a Pre-Consult Brief.


Stage 2 – Landscape Design

The second stage of the journey is to turn our initial consultation ideas into a garden design. This can be presented to you in both 2D and a 3D visual design depending on which options you choose from the Landscape Design Proposal.


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