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Designing outdoor spaces is a journey between landscape designer and the client, a connected understanding based on clear communication both verbally and visually. With a holistic approach to my design practices, working with me will not only give you achievable landscape design solutions and access to my extensive construction expertise, the design outcome will be a reflection of who you are, the way you want to live and most importantly your own style.

Every outdoor space should tell a story and serve a purpose, be functional and an inspiring destination to create life long memories with loved ones.

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Initial Landscape Design Consultation $295

The initial landscape design consultation is the first step on our journey together in creating your ideal outdoor space. During our highly productive one hour consultation we will discuss the style of your outdoor space, site specific design ideas, the layout, materials and plant palettes. I’ll be referring to your design brief, site plans and inspirational images throughout our discussions.

The gathering of information process begins once you’ve made a booking and its super important to share as much information as possible prior to our initial landscape design consultation. Time spent preparing and sharing beforehand is extremely beneficial during the one hour we spend together. Click here to find out what you need to do to prepare.

At the end of our consultation I’ve gained valuable insight into how you wish to live outside by getting to know you and your surrounds whilst from our open discussions, you have gained a clear design direction to suit your home and most importantly your lifestyle.

From here I’ll be able to work out my hours to develop the design ideas and create a full set of Landscape Plans along with 3D visuals. The Design Proposal Fee will be emailed to you following our consultation outlining the scope of work based on your particular design and upon acceptance a Design Agreement will follow.

If you would like an estimate for the design of your outdoor space before you make a booking I’d more than happy to provide this which would be then finalized following our Initial Landscape Design Consultation.

Suitable for Home Owners a 3D Landscape Design residing in Australia and Internationally

Current site and house plans must be provided for this service

Initial Consultation fee is payable in advance and factored into the 3D Landscape Design Proposal

More information about my services can be found here FAQS

General Advice Landscape Design Consultation $500 

This one hour consultation is perfect if you’re looking for general landscape design advice. We wander around your property discussing design solutions for your outdoor space and provide answers to your queries during this time. 

What you can receive dependent on your particular outdoor space and the one hour time frame 

  • Landscape Design & Landscape Construction advice 
  • Pool design advice, orientation, concrete or fibreglass 
  • Outdoor entertaining areas, alfresco, outdoor cooking, fire pit design, built in seating 
  • Finishes and material advice, colour palette, flooring, privacy screening 
  • Planting styles, general planting palette, garden ornamentation and styling advice 
  • Construction budget advice and regulatory Council advice based on my extensive experience and knowledge within the industry 

For structural or pool location advice current site and building plans must be provided for this service No sketches are provided with this service. Suitable for on-site consultations only within 30km radius CBD Perth, Western Australia, if you live outside of the radius additional travel charges may apply. 

General Advice Landscape Design Consultation fee is payable in advance 

More information about my services can be found here FAQS


Starting from $5,500 and will vary dependent on your needs, size of outdoor space and landscape design complexity 

Let the journey begin! This is next exciting step of the landscape design process, it’s where I spend time developing the ideas and design direction we discussed at the Initial Landscape Design Consultation. The time allowed within the Design Proposal is spent further researching structural elements, material choices, gathering samples and sketching layouts. During this process I’ll also start selecting and placing outdoor furnishings and ornamentation to ensure a spacious balance within each outdoor area. 

I’ll then start creating the design on my computer drawn to scale using Vectorworks Landmark, a remarkable landscape design computer package I’ve used for many years! Once I’m happy with the scaled layout conceptual elevations are drawn providing accurate details for structures, levels, steps along with many other design features that require such precise details when implementing the design. 

Plant selections are made once the layout and elevations have been drawn, I would have already allowed for features such as trees and planters during the layout process. To me, the planting plan is the finishing touches to the landscape design, the vegetation and greenery completely transforms the design layout to something truly magical. 

The 2D landscape design, conceptual elevations and planting plan are then modelled in Sketch-Up to create the 3D landscape design. Once this is complete and I’m 100% happy with the outcome your design is ready for presentation, the most exciting part of the process! The 3D landscape design is a visual experience that allows you to see your outdoor space come to life with 3D imagery and walk-through video, artistically capturing every element that is within your landscape design. 

What you can receive dependent on the particular requirements for your exterior landscape design project 

  • Scaled 2D exterior landscape design drawn in detail 
  • Conceptual elevations for structural elements such as and not limited to retaining, steps, alfresco, pergolas, masonry fences, built in seating 
  • Schematic lighting plan detailing suggested lighting layout and fixtures 
  • 3D imagery to scale and 3D video walk through if applicable for your space 
  • Material selection and samples if applicable 
  • Planting plan and schedule listing plant species, required numbers and recommended pot sizes 
  • Garden ornamentation listing planters, pots and garden features along with suppliers 
  • Exterior styling suggestions includes furnishing selections and layout if applicable 
  • Landscape design presented either in person or via Dropbox 
  • Minor amendments, includes small adjustments to the layout and plant selections if required 
  • Landscape installer recommendation if residing in Perth, Western Australia 

Suitable for Home Owners residing in Australia and Internationally 

Current site and house plans must be provided for this service including floor plan and elevations. 

50% deposit required one week prior to commencement. 

More information about my services can be found here FAQS


Starting from $1800 dependent on your particular requirements for your outdoor space 

This service compliments my design aesthetics, creating a harmonious connection between indoor and outdoor living. Ideal for new builds, renovations and existing spaces that are in need of enhancing, refreshing and lack that vital connection to your home. 

During our highly productive one hour consultation we will discuss furniture styles and positioning along with plant styling where required. We can also utilise any existing pieces you may have that could suit the overall look you’re hoping to achieve for your outdoor space. 

Being partnered with many reputable outdoor furniture companies Australia wide allows me to provide you with high quality, long lasting pieces at discounted prices. 

What you’ll receive 

  • An on-site discussion to determine the style of your space and suitable pieces. 
  • Mood Board presented in pdf format 
  • Layout drawn to scale with specified pieces including pot and plant selections if required 
  • Exterior Styling Proposal detailing the cost of each piece along with delivery and set up fees. 

Suitable for on-site consultations only within 30km radius CBD Perth Western Australia, if you live outside of the radius additional travel charges may apply. 

There is a minimum purchase requirement to receive discounts 

Suppliers terms and conditions apply Additional hours required for re-selections will be notified and charged at current rate To give you an indication of the high quality, long lasting pieces I’ll specify please head to www.globewest.com.au to view their outdoor furniture collection. 

More information about my services can be found here FAQS


  • Fill out the exterior design or styling brief questionnaire emailed to you once you’ve made your booking 
  • Gather inspirational images to visually express the look and feel of your ideal outdoor space 
    • Maximum of 10 images 
    • Suggested sources are Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, magazines such as Adore, Home Beautiful, House and Gardens 
  • Supply site and building plans including floor plan and elevations 
  • Supply site photos for renovations, remote landscape designs and exterior styling 
  • Return the above one week prior to our consultation booking to avoid re-scheduling 


The preparation process really focuses on you! Take the time to sit down and really think about how you want to live outside and have open discussions with other family members in your home. What do they want? Are you all on the same page or do you have differing opinions? It’s a great opportunity to define your needs and wants, the styles you love and when doing so please think about your budget too. 

This process ensures our time spent together is valuable and highly productive, it will help me get to know you a little more before we met, giving me an insight into what you are hoping to achieve in your outdoor space within your realistic budget. 

Bookings for my consultation services are best done by chatting with me over the phone. Together, we can discuss your project details and I’ll be able answer any questions you may have. I’ll also be able to let you know what would be required if you would like me to provide you with a Landscape Design fee estimation prior to booking for an Initial Landscape Design Consultation. 

You may find answers to your queries on my FAQS page.


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