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 No, they are all excluding GST 

 The Initial Landscape Design consultation is tailored for those of you wanting a set of landscape plans drawn to scale in detail which will then be used to implement the design. 

The General Advice consultation will suit those of you who want just that, general advice. It may assist you with such things as establishing a design direction, material and colour palettes, garden advice or planting palettes. This type of consultation is very beneficial if you have created your own design layout that needs fine tuning with a professional eye. 

We will cover the same details as we would do if meeting on site, the only difference is that we will be chatting over the site plans, site photos and inspirational images you’ve provided via Team Viewer. 

The preparation process will be our key to a productive and successful remote consultation. 

 Absolutely! I’m not one to turn up to a paid meeting un-prepared. 

My approach is one that requires an insight into you, your lifestyle, your home and how you want to live outside. 

Visit the Home Page to read more about this and the Services page to if you’d like to know how to prepare. 

Most certainly, if residing in Perth, Western Australia as costs of materials and labour will differ within Australia and Internationally. 

I’ll provide general costing advice based on your landscape design brief, meaning it will be based on what YOU are hoping to achieve in your outdoor space. As a general rule you should be investing 5%-10% based on the value of your property. 

If it’s your forever home your budget should reflect this and it’s often reflected on your lifestyle choice. 

 Get in touch with me straight away, otherwise we may need to re-schedule! 

If you don’t have any site or house plans you can apply for these at your local Council, this can often take 2-3 weeks. 

 Oh I get it!! BUT you will ALWAYS be inspired by something. 

Best places to look are Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz or magazines such as Home Beautiful and Adore + more! 

I completely understand how busy life gets! However your booking would have been made months in advance! 

Your consultation information needs to be sent one week one week prior to our booking allowing me time to prepare, gather ideas along with any other information I may need that will assist us with your outdoor design requirements. 

If we do need to re-schedule, please be aware that I’m often booked out for 2+ months. 

I’ll often scribble ideas on the site plan, however I do not provide any sketches at the consultation. 

 Unless you have great vision and sound construction knowledge I would say not! 

The best outdoor spaces are given time to develop through the design process. 

 Beautiful gardens have always been carefully planned on paper over many hours, it’s what we call ‘design’ 

If we are consulting on a small garden space I’ll certainly give you recommended plant species along with a verbal guide for layout planting palettes are discussed for large gardens spaces. 

This can happen, especially if you have a complex outdoor space! 

If it’s an Initial Landscape Design Consultation the additional time will be factored into your Design Proposal fee. 

For General Advice consultations additional time is charged in half hour increments which will be based on the consultation fee and is payable on the day. 

No, I don’t as my recommended installers will only work from a set of landscape design plans. 

It’s the same as building a home, it’s impossible to do so without a plan! 

I’ll recommend the perfect installer for your particular design as soon as the plans have been completed. 

Only suitable for clients residing in Perth, Western Australia 

I’m always here to help. My fee for additional time is charged in half hour increments which will be based on the consultation fee and is payable in advance so best to gather as many additional questions as possible! 

No, I work very long hours during the week! 

I need to rest my mind and more importantly spend quality time with my partner, family and friends, just like you do! 

I’ll send you an invoice with your design brief questionnaire. 

The consultation fee is due one week prior to our booking. 

Yes, you will be charged $50+gst if cancelling less than 72 hours of our booking. 

This fee covers a small part of setting up your booking and trying to re-book your spot! 

It’s easy, say hello by calling Monday – Friday 9am -4pm or send me an email anytime! 


Good question! Every client has different needs and every site has its own challenges. 

For this reason my design fee is always finalized following our consultation once we have a clear design direction in mind. 

Perfectly ok! I am more than happy to work out an estimate of my fees for your Landscape Design. 

For this to happen, I will need some information from you so best to give me a call to chat further about your project. 

I will always design with a budget in mind as long as it’s realistically based on your own needs and wants along with site requirements such as retaining, steps, fences, pool, alfresco, large blank canvas to fill, the list goes on! 

We would have had an open, honest discussion about your budget at our consultation. 

I believe I can and have done so for many clients around Australia and internationally. 

Your eyes will be my eyes, site photos will be crucial to a successful remote design. 

I’ll also need accurate plans to work from. 

How do you work out your fee for the Landscape Design? 

My fees are worked out on an hourly rate. 

What I don’t factor in is the amount of ‘thinking’ time I spend on every single design. 

I do not design without them they are the most important visual tool to express your outdoor creation. 

The 3D perspectives are super important for the implement of the design, it will help trades and contractors see the end result. 

The 3D walk through video, or fly-through is however optional. 

Over the past 20 years, industry piers have said THE most detailed Landscape Design plans they have laid eyes on! 

I’m someone who likes detail and needs to know everything, most importantly knowing my designs will work on the land. 

I also strive for perfection which I may never achieve, but try hard to get there! 

Best way to describe these would be ‘front face’ technical drawings of structural elements within the design. 

Crucial information for heights and levels ie alfresco roof, steps, retaining, daybeds, seating the list goes on. 

These drawings are probably the most commonly used by the installers. 

This plan will show the location of suggested exterior lights. 

It will also give you suggested light fittings, images and supplier details. 

Gosh a lot of hard work and THE most important part of any Landscape Design. 

If you don’t already know, my planting style is very detailed in terms of foliage, colour, texture and layers. 

My palettes start with a mood board that I create to ensure plant species chosen complement each other. 

Many people under-estimate the amount of time that goes into creating a well thought out, successful Garden Landscape Design. 

For an average residential block it could take me up to four – six weeks until presentation. 

I’ll then take an additional one – two weeks to finalize the design and hand over. 

No problems! I always allow for minor adjustments within the Landscape Design Proposal fee. 

Major changes will need to be discussed and charged accordingly, this is rare! 

I’ll allow seven days following the design presentation. 

I’ll send you a Design Agreement requiring your signature for acceptance. 

I’m unable to secure a spot in my design schedule until this is received. 

I’ll ask for a 50% deposit one week prior to commencement. 

From there a 40% progress payment prior to releasing plans for the Landscape Design presentation. 

The remaining 10% will be payable once the Landscape Design plans are finalized and handed –over. 


I’d say it’s the new and up-coming term for ‘interior styling’ 

The difference is its all on the outside and as a qualified Landscape Designer it’s your best point of call! 

I cannot stress this enough, Exterior Designers & Stylists are more in tune with their own qualified profession. 

No problem! Especially if they suit the style you are chasing and of course quality pieces. 

You can obtain these from your local Council. 

Unfortunately I can’t. I’ll only specify long lasting quality pieces that will stand the test of time outdoors. 

These will always come with a price! 

The warranty and guarantee will be passed on from the supplier. 

This means their terms and conditions will be the same as mine. 

Absolutely! I can also offer great discounts from certain suppliers such as GlobeWest. 

This will always be as per the terms and conditions of the supplier. 

Normally it’s 50% to secure the order and remaining prior to delivery. 

Yes I certainly can! This fee can be factored into the Exterior Styling proposal. 

I certainly do! My most favourite Interior Stylist I like to work with is Angelo Lyon from Grey Peg Interiors 


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