I took a HUGE leap of faith to start my own landscaping business... all from $10!

I was born in Wyndham, Western Australia in 1969, in the original hospital before it closed down in 1970. Back then there was no hospital in this remote town in the Kimberley’s, only a mission.

I had a rather colourful career prior to falling into my life of designing gardens and landscaping. I began in hospitality, managing bars and clubs, then decided to start a career in banking. It was when I came face to face with a masked man holding a gun, traumatically experiencing a bank robbery, that my whole life changed.

Quitting my full-time job as a bank teller, I decided to head off into the sunset with my dog on an adventure of a lifetime, road tripping around this beautiful country we call Australia.

Returning to Perth a few years later with empty pockets, finding a full-time job again was paramount. After spending time embracing outdoor spaces, capturing natural elements and connecting with people within the same environment, I knew that a career which involved being outdoors was where I needed to be. Landing a job at a local Garden Centre is where it all began and from there it all just fell into place. Plants, Gardens, People - this is where it’s at!

I was in my HAPPY PLACE and wanted more. I enrolled into TAFE to study Horticulture, Garden Design and Landscaping, juggling work and study it took me a few years to obtain my qualifications.

During this time, the parents of a very good friend of mine asked if I wanted to look after their garden and I jumped at the opportunity.

I invested $10, bought a bucket, rake and pair of gloves, borrowed my Mum’s secateurs and worked weekends in their extensive garden. After a few months, neighbours and people driving by stopped to ask if I could look after their gardens - very soon my diary was filling fast.

I slowly cut back days at the Garden Centre until I eventually took a HUGE leap of faith to start my own landscaping business... all from $10! Swinging a shovel and being physically involved with the softscaping side of all my landscaping projects for the first 10 years was an absolute blessing.

Learning from the trades I contracted to undertake all hardscaping components, being on site with them every day and putting in the hard yards earnt me so much respect as a woman in a predominantly male world back then and more importantly, the knowledge I gained was more than any study could give.

Making mistakes along the way, learning and moving forward was all part of the journey.

Transforming a blank canvas or existing space into functional outdoor places which influence the way people live is truly an amazing feeling.

I am very honoured to have won a number of Industry Awards for both my Landscape Design and Construction projects over the years - and look forward to many more years of learning, creating and continuing to do this job that I love.


Denise Staffa


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